Get ready to create and deliver unforgettable experiences - we've got the tools to make it happen! 😃

From new product launches to brand activations, internal comms to exhibition engagement – our tech has you covered. You can even incorporate personalised multimedia content from your key stakeholders! With our range of tools, you'll be able to deliver the specific outcomes your senior executives are after while showcasing your business and aligning with your core message.

So why settle for a forgettable event? Let us help you create something truly special.

Join us to explore how you can create your own custom games and transform your activity into one that is unforgettable.

Build Your Own Custom Game

Want to create a totally unique scavenger hunt or activity for your campus, hotel, venue, or local area? Say no more — our user-friendly wizard makes it a breeze! Customize your activity to run for weeks, months, or even a full year, impressing clients and customers with a personalized touch.

What's more, with our quick and easy building process, your game will be up and running in just 30 minutes! Let the fun begin!

One-Off Events

Looking for ways to give your corporate event or team building activity a personal touch? How about adding customized questions to one of our exciting off-the-shelf games?

Whether it's questions about your business, new team members, or anything else you want to showcase, you can create up to 8 multiple-choice questions that seamlessly integrate with our games - all for just $250!

And if you're looking to shake things up even more, we've got you covered. You can plot a game in a brand-new location, start and finish wherever you please, and even choose your own start and finish times - any day, any time.

Want to make it even more personalized? We can even incorporate your logo and company colours into one of our games! So why settle for a cookie-cutter team-building experience when you can take it to the next level with our custom options.

When Should You Choose a Custom-Made Event?

Our range of tools is designed to equip you with the skills to create an unforgettable experience! Whether it's an imaginative product launch or an engaging exhibition, we've got you covered.

With our easy-to-use template wizard, you can easily embed your content, including personalized multimedia from key stakeholders, into the entire experience. This becomes especially effective when Senior Executives need tailored outcomes.

So, align your core business messages, kickstart your imagination, and get ready to set this event apart! Attract and engage your audience like never before and achieve your objectives in style!

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